Ergo 6.0 Air Rower


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The Orbit ERGO6.0 Self Generating Air Rower Delivers a Super Effective, Low Impact, Cardio and Total Body Workout

Not only does the Orbit ERGO6.0 Self Generating Air Rower provide users with high intensity calorie burning cardio, it also effectively works quads, hamstrings, abs, obliques, lats, biceps, triceps and hip flexors for total body toning.

Interactive Display Console

The interactive console reports on Time, Heart Rate, Calories, Paddle Width, Stroke Rate, Distance Cycle and Watts and is compatable with wireless heart rate strap. 8 different exercise programs; Quickstart, Distance, Time, Calories, Game and Intervals (20/10, 10/20, 10/10) are built into the console. The monitor self generates it’s own power during exercise.

New Ergonomic Handle

The ERGO6.0 now features an ergonomic handle, the perfect shape for your hands and the multitude of exercises. This allows users to row with natural hand and arm positions while fully adjustable foot rests provide a safe and comfortable workout. a convenient mobile phone holder can be utilised for entertainment and communication during sessions.

User Controlled Air Resistance

User controlled patented air resistance system puts users in full control for a balanced and coordinated workout. The ERGO6.0 is a self generating machine eliminating the need for a power cable. A          precision engineered flywheel design minimises noise and the nickel plated chain offers unmatched durability in even the most intense environments. Stainless steel rail resists rust and makes for easy cleaning.

Outstanding In-Home Warranty

The ERGO6.0 has a lifetime frame warranty with 5 years on parts, 2 years on electrics, 6 months on wear items and 1 year on labour. This outstanding rower requires little to no maintenance. Manufactured    in an ISO-9000 facility (International Standard for Quality Assurance).

Superior Comfort

The ERGO6.0 has a padded seat that runs on precision bearings which delivers a smooth and comfortable rowing experience.

Fantastic Fitness Results

Push your body to the absolute limit with intense movements designed to test your cardio endurance and provide unmatched upper body engagement.





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