Morgan Adjustable Fig 8 Straps

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The Morgan Deluxe Adjustable Figure 8 Lifting Straps are designed to be fully adjustable on both the wrist and the loop section. Using a full neoprene wrist wrap-around with dual adjustable wrist and loop straps allow you to adjust the grip in a greater degree of control when transferring weight from your hands into your arms. With the adjustable figure 8 strap, you place your hand through the loops, tighten the velcro strap, place the other adjustable strap around the bar then tighten via the velcro strap. This allows you to still naturally grip the bar while transferring the load-bearing away from your hands and into your arms.

  • Minimise wrist strain
  • Heavy duty neoprene around the wrist area to increase lifting confidence
  • Heavy duty webbed straps
  • Multiple chrome buckles to lock the straps
  • Velcro closure at the wrist for a tighter fit
  • Mesh carry bag included for the pair of straps
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