Morgan Dual Massage Ball

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Our double Ball Massage Roller is your best solution to release as much pressure as possible all along your spine without creating unnecessary pressure on the spine itself. This essential recovery tool is also great for any muscle, IT bands, glutes, hip joints, neck, back and deep tissue anywhere.
To get the best performance out of your body you need your muscles to be pain-free and working the best they can. All movement begins with the spine and extends out to the rest of your body. Generally, muscle pain and cramps may originate from the spine even if you are not experiencing pain in your back. So if you demand the best out of your body you need the best recovery tool available.

  • The Dual massage ball helps pinpoint a wider muscular pain. 
  • It’s ideal for all upper and lower body muscle pain, 
  • The balls length is approx being 13cm and it can target the most acute muscle no matter how deep.
  • Made from a high-density silica gel with a smooth overall finish
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